Contact Us

When you are contacting us for a magnet you cannot find on our web, or want to get a quote for the custom magnets, please provide the following information so we can help you better:

  • What Material ( ex. Neodymium magnets, Ceramic Magnets, SmCo Magnets, AlNiCo Magnets or magnetic assembly )
  • What is the Grade ( ex, N50, C8, SmCo Grade 26, or AlNico 7, etc.)
  • Coating if Applicable ( Nickle+Copper+Nickle, or Epoxy, Zinc etc )
  • Shape with Dimensions ( Ex. Disc Dia 5/8 x 1/8 inches, Rectangle 2 x 2 x 1")
  • How Many do you Need: Ex. 150 Pieces 
  • When do You Need them? When do you need the products be at your dock. Typically customer made magnets need 4-5 weeks to be available to ship. Sometimes we can have it ready in 3 weeks

We will confirm of receiving of your request when we receive it and the quotes will be available in about 24 hours. 

If you have any questions or query, please also feel free to send a email to or give us a call at +61 0493069805.