Magnetic Assemblies

Magnetic assemblies are made of permanent magnets and metal housings so the magnetic circuits are altered in order to get specific magnetic characteristics or increase the durability of the magnets.

The permanent magnet used to make the magnetic assembly could be any kinds. The most common ones are neodymium magnets and ceramic magnets, AlNiCo magnets are also used but SmCo magnets are rare used unless a high working temperature is required.

The most common metals used to make a magnetic assembly are low carbon steel and copper. Low carbon steel conducts magnetic field better than air so the magnetic field will travel inside the steel beginning from there the magnet touches the steel. The result is the redistribution of the magnetic field and the enhancement of the magnetic performance. The copper is used as filling material to separate magnet from low carbon steel since it is not magnetic. In most cases, the magnets are also protected by steel housing from direct touching the attracted surface so it won’t break as a regular magnet does.

Stainless steel can be magnetic or non magnetic. The magnetic stainless steel can be used as the low carbon steel when rust proof is required. The non-magnetic stainless steel can be used as copper as filling material or separator.

Magnetop Magnetics & Magnets for Sale carries various magnetic assemblies. The most common ones are magnetic round bases, which include ceramic round base magnets and neodymium round base magnets. We also carry AlNiCo Pot Magnets as magnetic assemblies. All these are round magnetic assemblies. The rectangular magnetic assembly is also available as ceramic magnets or neodymium magnets. These types of assemblies are also called channel magnets.