Magnetic Sweepers

Magnetop's magnetic sweeper is a very handy tool which picks up nails, paper clips, staples, bolts and nuts from floor quickly. A magnetic sweeper from Magnetop sweeps metal objects off of the floor fast covering a large area in a short period of time.  These magnetic floor sweepers are an industrial business asset for roofers or other contractors to, pick up nails from the work site or a business owners parking lot for the protection of your clients cars.   

Magnetic sweepers, are a must have tool for all warehouses, roofers, machine shops, fuel stations, small business owners parking lots...anywhere metal objects are a nuisance. Most of our magnetic sweeper with wheels are for smaller areas and are hand pushed. Some of our magnetic sweepers can be mounted on forklifts and other vehicles for larger scale. Magnetop Magnetics has a large variety of sizes & configurations of magnetic sweepers available for immediate shipment.